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I appreciate your timely shipments

As you know being a builder in the Bahamas presents a logistcal nightmare to get materials out here. Shipments never arrive when promised unless of course it is from you. I realize I have never really told you how much I appreciate your timely shipments. I have recommended you with confidence time and time again to others that face my same problems. Hope all is well.
Thanks again.
Abaco, Bahamas

Thanks for all the great installations you have provided on all four of our systems

Just a note to say thanks for another great job as usual. You installed our first solar hot water heater over 25 years ago when we first moved to this area. As you know every time we move you are our first call. Thanks for all the great installations you have provided on all four of our systems. I still am amazed that everyone does not have one considering the savings I have realized over the last 25 years!!

J. Wall
Boca Raton, FL

such a professional attitude and workmanship

Sorry I missed you Friday. We were stuck in heavy traffic for 3 hours just south of Daytona and could not move. I appreciate that you installed my solar water heater without me being there to pay you. It is very rare to have a company/person handle a job with such a professional attitude and workmanship. Your free to use this letter of recommendation to any future customers.

M. Ambach
Davie, FL

completed on time, as promised and on budget

The installation of our new solar pool and hot water systems were completed today. The work was completed on time, as promised and on budget. The installation crew was not only knowledgeable and professional but left the work area cleaner than they found it. It’s very rare in South Florida to find a company that actually shows up on time, delivers there promises and makes sure your familiar with your new equipment.

D. Burns
Boca Raton, FL

It performs as well or better than you said it would

The purpose of this letter is to tell you how satisfied I am with the solar pool system your company installed for us. It performs as well or better than you said it would. It’s a wonderful feeling knowing from now on there will be no cost for heating the water in my pool.

J. Darago
Boynton Beach, FL

The results have been outstanding

More than a month ago I had a solar pool heater installed by Broward Solar. The results have been outstanding. My pool is large, 27,000 gal., and I had my doubts as to whether solar would do the job. The system has kept my pool temp. up very easily and the automatic control has had to shut the solar off as to not over heat the pool. I recommend it 100%.

Robert A. SR
Ft. Lauderdale, FL

The solar hot water heater worked flawlessly and survived the storm. It was the best investment I made

Hi Jim,
I just want to thank you for your outstanding work. You updated my solar water system and installed a new solar water heater a few years back. Your work was really tested. This hurricane Irma knocked out our power Saturday morning.  I did have a generator for our refrigerator, but that was about it. I worked outside each day, cleaning up and helping other neighbors, so being able to take a hot shower was one of the comforts I looked forward to.  The solar hot water heater worked flawlessly and survived the storm. It was the best investment I made.
Thanks Jim!
Lee S.
Davie, FL

showed up on time, and was extremely courteous and professional

When we first decided that Solar might be an option for us, as we were looking to replace an aged water heater, we called Broward Solar and scheduled an appointment. Surprisingly, the owner showed up on time, and was extremely courteous and professional. He had all the information we needed to make a decision to replace our water heater. We moved forward and the replacement was on time and quick. We loved the money saved monthly, and knew long term that the payback for the unit would be worthwhile. The work was done so well, that after we sold our home with the solar water heater, and bought a new home, we called Broward Solar to do the work again in our new location. As before, consistency was key, and we love our water heater while saving money month after month. To us, the long term value is worth the up front cost. As before, we would do this again with Broward Solar!

Joseph Estrach

Wonderful company! Jim is fair, honest and reliable!

Russell Cohen

I wish every service professional was this good

Jim is the epitome of service. He worked quickly to install two solar water heaters for us and did a great job. Fast, clean, high quality. After a few years our demands increased and the heater wasn’t up to it. I called him and he took care of it within days for a very reasonable charge. Even after several years. I wish every service professional was this good.

Mark Block

Satisfied Home Owner and Realtor – I Highly Recommend Jim at Broward Solar

Our home was in Boynton Beach, FL, we had solar hot water for our house and pool solar installed back in 2014.  The efficiency of the system is incredible.  I would estimate the house’s solar hot water alone saved us $40/month in electricity bills.  However, the best feature was the solar pool heater, which kept our pool temperate 10-15 degrees warmer, greatly extending our season.  We were even able to heat our spa up to 100 degrees during the summer without using the heat pump.  The heat pump was also noisy, slow, and used a lot of electricity.  Our original installer was unfortunately not Broward Solar and I’m sorry we used anyone else.  The original installer caused our garage roof to leak due to their inexperience and poor workmanship.  Since we needed a new roof anyhow, we had Broward Solar take down the system and reinstall it after the new roof was put on.  We have not had any leak problems since then.  I’m a Realtor in Naples Florida and highly recommend to my clients they consider using solar energy to heat their pool and home hot water.  Not only does it save you money every month, but it’s environmentally friendly.  If you’re in the Broward County or Palm Beach County area and considering installing a solar system, you absolutely should use Jim from Broward Solar if you value quality and service.

Nicholas Nolan
Boynton Beach