About Broward Solar

Design, Installation and Service Professionalism

Broward Solar is a family-owned business with over three decades of solar water heating experience.

While you can certainly choose from any number of companies to heat your pool, home, hot water or provide you with service.  The team at Broward Solar have the unique experience to handle projects of any scope or complexity.  From residential to commercial, Broward Solar’s experienced staff have over a 100 years of combined solar experience.

Broward Solar knows that not just one type of solar heating system is right for every situation.  We have years of hands on experience to know which technologies and systems are practical and which tend to be troublesome. Broward Solar’s design, installation and service professionalism are unsurpassed….no matter how you make the comparison.

And just what, exactly, does all this mean for you?

It means peace of mind because you’re dealing with a company driven more by after-the-sale technical and engineering concerns than by a simple desire to make the next sale. Specifically, you can expect:

  • Correct system sizing for your unique swimming comfort requirements, pool use and site factors
  • Realistic expectations of system performance
  • Correct plumbing installation and system hydraulics
  • The most advanced, safe and trouble-free pool heating and automation available today
  • Fully insured technicians using no subcontractors.

Meet Broward Solar’s Solar Heating Consultants

Jim Coryell


Father of two and a South Florida native, Jim has over 30 years of solar heating experience.   Starting in 1979, together, with his best friend Rick, they became one of the largest solar heating subcontractors in the Broward and Palm Beach Counties.  With years of on the job training and experience with thousands of solar installations, Jim currently travels Southeast Florida from North Dade to St. Luce counties handling marketing and sales operations for Broward Solar.  Still carrying a tool box, Jim is not afraid to jump in and help with installations when necessary, making sure that all customers needs are not only met…..but surpassed.

Teresa Coryell

Office Manager

Teresa handles all office operations, payroll and insurances.  With years of office and customer service experience, Teresa keeps everything running smoothly to assure customer satisfaction with each and every installation.

Heath McMurturie

Field Manager

Dog lover and South Florida native, Heath has over 15 years of solar heating experience.  Heath has personally installed thousands of solar pool and hot water systems and takes unprecedented pride in his workmanship.  Heath, is by far, the neatest and quickest solar plumber in South East Florida.  Heath makes sure that all questions are answered before he begins installing, resulting in a customer satisfaction rating of 110%.

Phil Garretson

Solar Heating Manager

Little league coach, father of two and also a South Florida native, Phil has over 19 years of domestic solar heating experience.  Starting in 1990 with Harriman’s Solar, Phil soon joined the Broward Solar family in 1993.  Having an extensive knowledge of all brands of solar water heaters and solar pool heaters allows Phil to provide exceptional customer service.  With his incredible work ethic and high energy level……you will love him.