Tesla releases rare look inside Gigafactory 2 with solar roof tile production images

Tesla is ramping production at Gigafactory 2, where they manufacture their solar roof tiles and where Panasonic manufactures exclusive solar panels for the company.

Now they are releasing rare new images of inside the factory.

Tesla Gigafactory 2

Gigafactory 2 is a 1.2 million-square-foot facility located in Buffalo, New York.

Tesla inherited the plant through its acquisition of SolarCity.

The solar company itself inherited it from a solar module startup that it acquired and it aimed to use it to produce the new solar panel technology that they developed.

When Tesla acquired the company, they changed the plans and instead, they made another manufacturing agreement with Panasonic to accelerate the production of solar products at the factory.

They called the factory Gigafactory 2 because they aim to produce over 1 gigawatt of solar products at the factory, which also happens to work under a similar deal as Gigafactory 1, where Tesla and Panasonic manufacture batteries.

Panasonic invested in the production of solar cells at Gigafactory 2 and Tesla agreed to buy those cells to put inside the solar roof tiles that it itself manufactures at the location. Panasonic is also separately producing solar modules at Gigafactory 2 for Tesla’s solar retrofit business.

They have been ramping up production lately and we recently reported that Tesla Energy is now mainly using its own ‘Tesla-branded’ solar panels made at Gigafactory 2 by Panasonic.

Tesla has now confirmed that between them and Panasonic, they have over 800 employees at the factory and they are looking to expand the workforce significantly in the coming months to support a production ramp.

On top of the solar module production, Tesla says that they are going to reach volume production of solar roof tiles next year.

They invited local media to visit Gigafactory 2 and they released a ton of new images – including rare images of solar roof tiles production:

DCIM100MEDIADJI_0023.JPGDCIM100MEDIADJI_0023.JPG Tesla gigafactory 2 - 1Tesla gigafactory 2 - 1 Tesla gigafactory 2 - 4Tesla gigafactory 2 - 4 Giga 2 ExteriorGiga 2 Exterior Giga 2 interiorGiga 2 interior Giga 2 Factory Robot 3Giga 2 Factory Robot 3 Giga2 Production Line Area 1Giga2 Production Line Area 1 Giga 2 robotGiga 2 robot Giga 2 employeeGiga 2 employee Giga 2 employee 2Giga 2 employee 2 Giga 2 Team Members 2Giga 2 Team Members 2 Giga2_Interior 2Giga2_Interior 2 Giga2_Interior 5Giga2_Interior 5 Giga2_Interior 6Giga2_Interior 6 Giga2_Interior 7Giga2_Interior 7 Solar Roof QASolar Roof QA Solar Roof tilesSolar Roof tiles Giga2 Team Meeting 2Giga2 Team Meeting 2 Giga2_Interior 1Giga2_Interior 1 Giga2_Interior 10Giga2_Interior 10 Giga2_Interior 11Giga2_Interior 11 Tesla gigafactory 2 - 5Tesla gigafactory 2 - 5

Here’s a video of the inside and outside of the factory released by Tesla: