Industrial Solar Water Heaters Market : Opportunities, Demand and Forecasts, 2017 – 2027

Industrial Solar Water Heater is a heating equipment powered by solar cells which in turn is used for applications such as heating of water, space heating, industrial process such as obtaining hot water or preheating of steam before it enters the industrial boilers. The primary source of energy is the solar energy which can be utilized for various industrial applications. The industrial solar water heaters are increasingly finding applications in commercial uses for hospitals, laundries, schools, breweries, process heat in various end use industries such as automotive, petrochemical, construction, etc.

Solar water heaters for industrial applications are more complex and operate at a higher efficiency as compared to the residential applications. These systems require comprehensive design and to be installed for optimal performance. Important factors such as the flow rates, hydraulic configuration, control system, and collector arrangement are considered accurately for the designing and installation of industrial solar water heaters. The market for the industrial water heater is estimated to grow with a positive impact as there no requirement of fuel for the production of energy.

Currently, manufacturers of industrial solar water heaters have been focusing aggressively on innovative product developments to develop and launch new industrial solar water heaters that are strong and provide proper output heat with minimum amount of energy from the sun. It should be noted that the demand for new heating application in various end use industries such as automotive, petrochemical, construction, paints coating etc. is one the prominent driving factor for the global market. This increase in demand for heating with solar applications will, in turn, fuel the global demand for Industrial Solar Water Heaters in future.

In developed economies, industries are looking for solar heating equipment equipped with advanced diagnosis and automation. Through Research, development and innovations in advanced automation systems, manufacturers have significantly improved their reaction time for such custom requirements from various consumers. This trend is anticipated to boost the global market and create vast opportunities over the forecast period.

Prominent market players in global market are trying to develop industrial solar water heaters which can produce more amount heat with less consumption of solar energy i.e. even in dull climate the solar plates are designed in such a way to absorb maximum amount of heat from the sun. The advancement in the material science technologies in the manufacturing industries have enabled them to use new invented materials such as silicon, polycrystalline thin films, copper indium diselenide, cadmium telluride, and gallium arsenide.

However, the relatively higher price of advanced industrial solar water heaters is proving to be a deterrent for smaller, low-budget small scale industries and firms. This particular factor is seen to be hampering the growth rate of the global industrial solar water heaters market. Additionally, one of the socio-economic factors for the growth of global industrial solar water heaters market is the rising cost of natural resources such as natural gas, petrol, diesel, coal etc., it has also larger impact on the global market. Also, an increasingly pollution level due to the use of conventional fuel is being witnessed across multiple countries which has translated into various regulatory bodies of different countries. For instance, the pollution control boards across various regions have made it mandatory for the manufacturers to ensure the installation of eco-friendly products such as industrial solar waters heaters and the use of good quality of fuel.

Industrial Solar Water Heaters Market Segmentation By Industry Type – Small Scale Industrial Solar Water Heaters, Medium ScaIe industrial Solar Water Heaters, Large Scale industrial Solar Water Heaters; By Sales Channel – Original Equipment Manufacturers, Aftermarket; By End Use – Automotive, Construction, Oil Gas, Paints Coating, Others (Refractory, Bulk Fillers, Etc.) North America and Europe regions have with luxurious lifestyles, high disposable incomes with high standard of living, this has led to the growth of Industrial Solar Water Heaters in the respective regions. The main application of Industrial Solar Water Heaters as bulk fillers in all the end user industries is expected to act as catalysts for the growth of the overall Industrial Solar Water Heaters market over the forecast period.

Moreover, as Industrial Solar Water Heaters are small in size and have great compressive strength, they are used as a structural lightweight fillers, thus Industrial Solar Water Heaters market is expected see rapid growth in all developed and developing countries in the future. APAC countries are anticipated to assist significantly for the growth of the global Industrial Solar Water Heaters market over the forecast period. Evolving countries in the APAC region, especially China and India, is estimated to play an imperative role in the growth of the Industrial Solar Water Heaters market in the coming future. In countries such as India and China, construction and automotive industry is in a very active state and is very attractive for the manufacturers there, is humungous growth potential for the global Industrial Solar Water Heaters market.

The market for the Industrial Solar Water Heaters is expected to grow as significant macro-economic factors such as the growth in industrialization, growth in urbanization, growth of construction industry and growth of automotive industry is on a linear side and thus will upsurge the growth of the global Industrial Solar Water Heaters market over the forecast period.

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