Energy Innovation: Hot Water options

HONOLULU (KHON2) – Water heating can account for 40% of you home’s electricity use. 

That’s a big chunk of your electric bill but it makes sense. 

Bathing, laundry, washing dishes. 

RevoluSun Smart Home president Dave Gorman wants to remind everyone about the saving you could have by adding Solar water heating to your home.

There are a couple of options they want you to know about, the first is Thermal hot water panels that are costa and space efficient. 

They require less roof area than PV panels to heat the same amount of water. 

It works by circulating water through a pressurized system onto the roof where it is heated by the sun in copper tubes and stored. 

The problem with this system is that many people are wary of water being pumped to the roof, and the pressurized system has to purge itself if the system is full.

The other option is PV hot water and many people love this eco-friendly, low maintenance system. 

How this system works is the solar panels harvest energy from the sun. 

That energy is then sent as electricity to the tank to heat the water. 

It’s low maintenance because there are fewer points of failure, no pump, no plumbing, no pressurized system, just the sun converted electricity used to heat the water.

The last option is a hybrid electric water heater and these don’t need solar panels. 

They are perfect for homeowners who don’t have roof space, but who do have an enclosed garage, and who also want an easy to maintain system.

The water heater uses ambient heat from the air to heat the water, kind of like a reverse air conditioner.

I have one in my garage.

Not only is it about 70% more efficient than a standard electric water heater, it makes my garage about ten degrees cooler.