showed up on time, and was extremely courteous and professional


When we first decided that Solar might be an option for us, as we were looking to replace an aged water heater, we called Broward Solar and scheduled an appointment. Surprisingly, the owner showed up on time, and was extremely courteous and professional. He had all the information we needed to make a decision to replace our water heater. We moved forward and the replacement was on time and quick. We loved the money saved monthly, and knew long term that the payback for the unit would be worthwhile. The work was done so well, that after we sold our home with the solar water heater, and bought a new home, we called Broward Solar to do the work again in our new location. As before, consistency was key, and we love our water heater while saving money month after month. To us, the long term value is worth the up front cost. As before, we would do this again with Broward Solar!